ledgereth is a library to make interacting with a Ledger hardware wallet easy.


Here’s the quickest way to get started.

pip install ledgereth

You may want to setup a Python virtual environment and your system may require some installed dependencies. For full installation instructions, see Install.


Generally this library does not have any configuration but there are a couple of places where environment variables alter the behavior of the library. Most people will probably not need these, but for some they may be critical.

  • MAX_ACCOUNTS_FETCH (default: 3): The maximum accounts that will be fetched when looking up by address. If you created more than 3 accounts on your Ledger device, you may want to adjust this. The more accounts fetched the slower operations may take.

  • LEDGER_LEGACY_ACCOUNTS: If set (to anything), ledger-eth-lib will use the legacy Ledger BIP-44 derivation that was used to create accounts before Ledger Live.

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